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NUA provides unique ethnic and cultural diversity opportunities, empowering the students to serve and be equiped for this life and the life to come.
As a multicultural envirnment, with bothe staff and students coming from diverse origins in the world, it is a place where the world is bundled into one unforgatable experience.
There are facilities available to provide a comfortable home away from home, an exceptional education and physical fitness.


.Comfortable rooms, new friends, group dinners and social events help students become truly engaged in NUA’s dorm experience. But our residential program is more than its fun moments. Here, students learn to share space and important moments with their peers, expand their minds as they study and grow individually as they seek and receive guidance from dorm parents.

More than 90% of students reside on campus. It has dormitories for boys and for girls. The culture embraces that of a family, with rooms housing 2 to 6 students. Whichever grade they are in, our students stay together. This residential model makes dorms a melting pot of cultures, ages, interests and identities. Students exchange knowledge, become friends and build support systems with students completely different from themselves.

Our focus on individual growth is what makes the NUA’s residential program outstanding. Student leaders can show their leadership skills.

We also have a both boys and girls dean who serve as dorm parents and live in residences attached to student housing. At a moment’s notice, students can reach out to the dean (dorm parents) for personal and academic guidance, advice or for a quick chat. Over time, our students and dorm parents create trusting bonds that allow students to express themselves academically, emotionally and creatively.

Food has always been an important part of any school. With a diverse population, the cafeteria serves a variety of dishes. Most of the dishes are however Egyptian, which are very delicious. We have made sure to give students healthy meals by having a nutritionist who plans all the meals to ensure students have a well balanced healthy meal every single day to help them perform better in classes.

NUA student body constitutes of students from various countries. Not only does it enjoy this diversity amongst the students, but also amongst the staff who are dedicated to the success of the student's life. At NUA, we see diversity as central to who we are and what we do — an ideal of inclusiveness that we strive to put into practice every day. We believe that it’s vital to foster diversity in all facets of campus culture, from the people who work and study here, to the experiences they have, to the environment in which they live — the spirit of the place.

  • People. NUA welcomes faculty, staff, and students from all over the world, representing a wide variety of backgrounds, interests, and personal qualities.
  • Experiences. In classes and in all activities, through cultural events as well as visiting speakers and artists, we create opportunities for people to engage with the world in all its richness: to discover and learn from difference.
  • Campus environment. Diversity depends on - and in turn strengthens - the core values of tolerance and respect. These values are an essential foundation, sustaining a spirit of openness, supporting individuals as they explore their goals and identities, and ultimately creating a healthy campus community.

The spiritual aspect of our life is of major importance for us at NUA. Students are led to deeper religious study and understanding, bringing them closer to God, to enable a personal relationship with Him. Faith is important to anyone, you'll discover many opportunities to develop your spiritual life at NUA. You'll find a variety of activities to help you develop your faith, from formal religious services to support for humanitarian interest groups, community services just to mention a few.

Students may explore their identities by participating in community service, expressing themselves artistically, participating in social events and student organizations, engaging in formal learning or attending religious services. Our school strives to create a broad understanding of what it means to be an inclusive and accepting member of the NUA community by providing a caring environment for students to grow religiously, socially and ethically.

  • Pathfinders.
  • Outreach Volunteers.
  • Bible Study Groups.


Go ahead and reach out to us and see the dynamic community you could become a part of. It could be the beginning of the adventure of your life.


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