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Affairs of Students


Student related affairs are important for the school and are addressed to ensure the successful intergration of new students right through to the crowning completion of their high school.

The NUA Student Handbook describes student rights and responsibilities, regulations regarding student activities and behavior, and student conduct reviews and rule violations procedures.

NUA is an institution committed to personal, spiritual and intellectual development. As members of the community, students are expected to act in a manner consistant with an effective learning environment, one based on mutual respect, in which all members can develop to their full potential. As is the case with staff and faculty, students enjoy certain rights. They are also expected to abide by school policies and regulations — rules are geared to the furtherance of an effective educational community. The following handbook sets forth the specific rights and responsibilities for the students of NUA.

Because we care for our students, NUA has taken it upon itself to provide a qualified psychologist on campus working to ensure all students are well cared for and in a state appropriate for learning. The campus is also blessed with the presence of an on-campus Pastor and the care of the family of staff, who pour out their love in taking time to listen, guide and care for each and every student.

NUA students and their families can be confident that student health and counseling records at the school are private and secure.

NUA firmly believes students have the right to privacy and must be able to disclose personal information to confidential professionals on campus without fear that this information will be disclosed to others. Supported by legal review, NUA’s policy is clear that student health and counseling records may only be accessed or divulged through a written authorization from the student patient/client or through a specific court order.

NUA will protect the privacy of its students. The well-being of our students is foremost among the values cherished by the School.

Good health and safety is one of the most important areas that the school prioritizes. there are staffs available with adequate training to assist in an emergency, including but not limited to fully qualified dentist with experience and more.

As part of the HEAD, HEART and HAND theme, students are envolved with working around the campus so as to improve their physical working capabilities.


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