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  • 18 Sep
  • 2018

Galabeya Sabbath

A wonderful Sabbath with staff and students dressed in traditional Galabeya/African attire!


Church service always begins at 10:00 on Saturdays in NUA. This time it began with the bright 9th grade and 10th grade students Tedo and Arou welcoming us and inviting us to worship together before the music team began singing. It is great to see people from all over the world leading the music. Students in the team come from different parts of Egypt, South Sudan, and Eritrea. This Sabbath the teachers on the team came from Brazil, a mix of South America, and Washington State. I am always looking forward to the student's music, mistakes and all. Before the second part of the service began, I changed into a white Galabeya, a typical robe used around Egypt. The plan this Sabbath was for all the teachers to wear these Galabeyas. So we sat through the second service listening to Mr. Abdullah speak about the difference between revenge and forgiveness. It felt nice wearing that white galabeya. Actually, some of the staff that same week decided to shave their heads bald, and they decides to specifically wear white galabeyas that Sabbath. Really nice. At the end of the message Mr. Abdulla gave us a moment to choose between forgiveness and revenge in our broken relationships. I really hope we all chose forgiveness. The community and various cultures at NUA might seem to cause tension, but I believe that most learned towards forgiveness in that moment.